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Investing in High-Quality Bedding Will Save You Money in the Long Run

We spend about 33% of our lives asleep. Investing in quality bedding is a long-term benefit.

Sirena K. Green
6 min readAug 4, 2022
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When I knew I’d be moving to a new place to live with no furniture of my own, I knew I would have to decorate my new apartment.

Yet, I knew next to nothing about decorating.

I lived with my parents for most of my life, and our house was decorated in their style. The only place that I had ever lived that was my own was my cheap college apartment. And I knew that place was a temporary situation.

So I never decorated it beyond the essentials. I had a hand-me-down sofa in the living room, a card table for a dining room table, and a futon for a bed.

That was NOT going to do for a place I knew would be my new, permanent home for the foreseeable future.

So I began to research. I read and watch many videos on youtube about rental tips and tricks for decorating. What to spend the most on and where you can cut costs.

And one thing that caught my attention was buying what are known as “investment pieces.” Something that you might spend a lot of money on now but will last you years down and save you money in having to replace.

It is something that is usually associated with buying clothes or jewelry. But can apply to other things such as furniture and, yes, bedding.

And within that, the advice of buying natural fabrics over synthetic ones. And not just for clothes. But for bedding and other things (like curtains).

Because despite the initial cost, buying quality, natural fiber bedding will save you money over time. And will outweigh the short-term savings you get from the cheaper material. And benefit the environment as well.

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